Wed 22 Feb 2017

The results of Round 1 of the 2017 AUBG MultiTalent Quest are officially out. 108 candidates applied, submitted a video CV, 106 took the online English test. The 4-member Quest Jury reviewed and ranked all candidates according to 5 criteria (GPA, English test score, written and oral English skills, extracurricular activities and talents, and creativity). As a result we are happy to invite 64 finalists (and 6 reserves) to Round 2 on the AUBG Campus in Blagoevgrad on March 17-19. Thank you all for taking part in Round 1 of the First Edition of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest! Continue the search of education, experience and skills, and keep in mind that AUBG would always support you in that journey.

Wed 01 Feb 2017

The Organizing Team of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest has decided to EXTEND THE DEADLINE OF ROUND 1 until FEBRUARY 15, 2017. We are granting 11th graders 10 MORE DAYS to register, fill out the Application Form and and prepare a Creative 2-minute Video CV. Applications will be reviewed in the order of receipt, and an online English proficiency test will be sent to all who submit their applications. Round 2 of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest will take place as originally planned on March 17-19, 2017 at the Blagoevgrad Campus of AUBG, so keep those dates booked in your calendar! In the meantime, share the awesome news with your classmates, friends, teachers and mentors, and follow the latest Quest News at:

Mon 09 Jan 2017

The AUBG Alumni Association is happy to announce the launch of the AUBG MultiTalentQuest on January 10, 2017. We invite all 11-grade students from high schools in Bulgaria to learn more about the competition rules and timelines at and to apply to participate in the competition directly from the site. It is a unique opportunity to showcase their talents in Mathematics, Debating, Solving a social problem, Arts or Sports and win recognition and special prizes from the 20,000 BGN Awards Fund! Embark on the AUBG MultiTalent Quest now аnd apply by February 5, 2017!

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Mon 27 Mar 2017

20 out of 64 #Questers took part ‘’In the SPORTlight’’ discipline. The sports hall of the America For Bulgaria building was full with loud voices shouting ‘’Go. Go. Go. You can do it.’’ and this make us definitely sure that everyone enjoys his or her time there. Alexander Todorov Jr. from Sofia, is our First-Place Winner. He has 1 #gold medal, 1 #silver medal and 2 #bronze medals in swimming. He is also a really good mathematician - a gold medal winner in the Easter Mathematical Competition 2016. Dimitar Ivanov (Митко Иванов) from Varna, is our Second-Place Winner ‘’In the SPORTlight’’ discipline. ‘’Sport has always been a part of my life’’ wrote Dimitar in his application form for the AUBG MultiTalent Quest 2017 continuing that he is a kayak guide every summer in his home town. If you see his CV Video for the #Quest, you can see how ‘’sporty’’ he is. Enjoy it here: Andriyan Aleksandrov from Gabrovo, is our Third-Place Winner here and Second-Place Winner in the Overall Scores. If you haven’t checked already his achievement you can take a look here: Venelina Miteva, the Head of jury in this category said ''Just like in the real (AUBG) life we gave the questers different challenges. They had to go through a course of skills challenges from standard ones such as sprinting, push ups, etc. to sliding with a towel, carrying a ping-pong ball with chop sticks and so on. I believe they enjoyed it, I could see it was not the regular challenge they are used to participating. But it definitely helped them open up and have fun. As for the AUBG Olympics crew members involved – I have two words – They Rock. They helped, laughed and got to know the questers along with me. Huge thank you.'' You can see some pictures from Day 2, when the ‘’In the SPORTlight’’ took place and from the ceremony where our winners receive their prizes.