Rules for Round 1


In Round 1 of the AUBG MultiTalent Quest (January 10th to February 15th 2017, online) you need to convince us that you are AmbitiousUniqueBraveGenius by:
-  telling us about yourself in an online application form (can be completed bit by bit)
-  showing us who you are in a creative 2-minute Video CV
-  impressing us by passing an AUBG intermediate-level English online test.
Here are the STEPS you need to take in Round 1 in detail. Should you encounter difficulties at any time, do not worry. We are always there for you. Go to “Contact” and send us a message with a question and/or a description of your issue there.

STEP 1. Register for the competition. Click “Register” in the upper right corner of this website, and follow the instructions.

STEP 2. Fill out the Application Form. Click “Apply” in the upper right corner of this website, and provide the required information, answer the questions and follow the instructions.
Here you’d need to provide us with proof of your GPA from 9th and 10th grade. This can be a scanned copy of either an official transcript issued by your school or simply of your school gradebooks with the pages showing you GPA from 9th and 10th grades. Make sure you get hold of either one.
Here you’d need to upload your 2-minute Creative Video-CV. Below you will find some tips and tricks on building your Creative Video-CV.

STEP 3. Do the AUBG intermediate-level English online test. Soon after you complete your application form and not later than February 7th, you will receive an e-mail from us with a password and detailed instructions how to take the test online. You’ll have to take the test latest by February 10th 2017. Please, plan accordingly. Below you will find some information regarding the contents and format of the English test.
Once you take these three simple steps, you’re done!
We bet you are a little bit anxious about this part of the application process, but worry NOT! The AUBG MultiTalent Quest is not looking for the best monologue or the highest professional-quality video. What we are looking for is personality, creativity, intelligence, and a WOW-effect. Follow these pieces of advice, and show us who you are and what you are capable of doing:
Tell us about yourself in a creative way: Who are you?
Plan before you stand in front of the camera. Writing your ideas ahead of time encourages intention, clarity and confidence: What do you want to say?
Avoid excessive “ums” and “likes” when speaking: How do you want to say it?
Generate video content that you wouldn’t feel ashamed of, if it goes viral: What do you want the world to know about you?
Record the video with your (or your friend’s) phone or camera. Remember: high-tech alone doesn’t make a movie better.
Make sure you fit in the two-minute time frame.
Reduce or eliminate background noise.
Consider the light - not too dark, not too bright.
Avoid having the camera pointing up to your nose.
Edit your video, if necessary. There are plenty of free video editing programs to use.
SHARE with us:
Upload your video to your YouTube account.
Copy the video URL by right-clicking on the YouTube video and choosing “Copy Video URL”.
Paste the copied URL into your Registration Form.
All you have to do now is get off the page and get yourself into the limelight!        Good luck and have fun!

No one likes tests, not even teachers. But we pass tests all the time, so NO fuss! The AUBG MultiTalent Quest is looking for students with intermediate or higher English language proficiency (min. B1). For this purpose, the English Language Institute at AUBG ( has designed a multiple-choice grammar test which you will be taking online. Read these pieces of information, and show us how great you are with English grammar when you get the test!
grammar from Elementary to Upper-intermediate Level
50 multiple-choice questions (see 10 Sample Questions below)
45 minutes to complete the test
By February 7th 2017, you’ll receive an e-mail with a password and detailed instructions how to take the intermediate-level English online test. You’ll have to take the test by February 10th 2017. Please, plan accordingly.
Stay grammatically in tune and in love with English!
Choose the best answer that completes the sentence.
1. She __________ what most of the symbols on her new cell phone mean.
a) don’t knows  b) doesn’t knows  c) not knows  d) doesn’t know
2. I want to __________ drive a car before I get my first job.
a) can  b) be used to  c) be able to  d) have been able to
3. Going to a live concert is __________ than watching bands on TV.
a) as exciting  b) the more exciting     c) more exciting    d) the most exciting
4. Lean’s uncle lives in San Francisco, __________ is in California.
a) which  b) who  c) that  d) where
5. There __________ a movie theatre next to the drugstore, but it was destroyed and a huge office building was built in its place.
a) was used to being  b) used to be  c) used to being  d) was used to be
6. If you want, you can pay the money next week. You __________ pay it tomorrow. There is no hurry.
a) must not  b) might not   c) don’t have to   d) should not
7. _________ people know about Italian Renaissance art as Penelope does. She is the only PhD professor in the Department of Arts.
a) few   b) many   c) a lot of   d) a few
8. I have had this Swiss clock _______________. I got it as a Christmas present from my cousin.
a) two months ago   b) for two months   c) before two months       d) since two months
9. Rihanna got her big break at the age of 15 when one of her friends introduced her to music producer Evan Rodgers while he _____ in Barbados with his Barbadian wife.
a) was vacation    b) vacationed   c) was vacationing   d) had vacationed
10. Entrepreneur Richard Branson regularly gives _________ to young businessmen how to effectively manage their enterprises.
a) some advices   b) advice   c) an advice   d) many advices